Beyond Testosterone® For Men

Doctor's BEYOND Testosterone® Capsules for Men

Even with proper diet and regular exercise, many men today are experiencing low testosterone levels (commonly known as Low T), and/or elevated estrogen levels as documented by routine test results.  They're not alone.  Male hormonal imbalance is approaching near epidemic levels in men of all ages. Young men who should be in their prime with an abundance of energy, low body fat, mental acuity, physical strength and high sexual performance, are surprisingly not. Instead, they experience a lack of energy, strength, sex drive, weak erections, muscle loss, weight gain and gynecomastia (fat deposits around male breast tissue). Diminished mental capabilities have also been reported, including loss of memory and focusing issues.  Testosterone is needed for brain function.

It is now widely accepted by the medical community that there is an alarming decline in natural male testosterone levels. Female hormones from birth control pills are ending up in our water supply. Other hormones and chemicals are being ingested with our food due to pesticides, preservatives, and injected livestock.  All of these substances are known to mimic and increase estrogen levels which result in reduced testosterone. 

Greatly concerned by this and more, yet refusing to settle for prescription medication as the only answer, more and more men are now searching for a natural product offering Low T support that addresses low testosterone, high estrogen, unwanted aromatase (male testosterone converting into estrogen), and prostate health.  Here at Doctor's Relief Natural Products, large numbers of well-informed men and doctors have repeatedly requested over the last decade that we develop an addition to our BEYOND line that specifically addresses these issues of male hormonal imbalance.  Now, after eight solid years of clinical studies and worldwide research Doctor's BEYOND Testosterone for Men is available!

Suggested for daily use by all healthy adult males over 21, this exciting breakthrough product of 60 drug and hormone free vegetarian capsules are for men who want to stay men! Containing absolutely NO soy, sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, milk, fish, egg, shell fish, bovine, porcine/pig, or preservatives. Men can enjoy even further benefits due to the superior absorption properties that Doctor's BEYOND Testosterone offers, as well.  Due to Dr. Charles Mesko’s proprietary bioavailability research, the extremely high absorption rate and superior bioavailability of this tremendous product is vitally important. Research studies indicate that many, if not most, pills, capsules, tablets, liquids and even prescription drugs are rarely absorbed by the body more than 5% to 15%.  It is well known by nutrition experts that it is not how much is consumed of a single nutrient, but rather, how much of the nutrient is actually absorbed and utilized by the body (bioavailability) that is of utmost importance when considering the ultimate effectiveness of a substance or natural product.

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