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Sexual Enhancements
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1 Beyond Systemic Enzymes®Beyond Systemic Enzymes®Beyond Systemic Enzymes®
Traditional systemic enzymes are used in Central Europe, Germany and Japan for a variety of conditions including: arthritis, tissue and nerve damage, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, heart disease, leg pain, cancer, dementia, macular degeneration, diabetes and diabetic neuropathy, atrophied muscle and tissue, aging skin, leaky gut syndrome, and loss of energy and sex drive, just to name a few.
2 Beyond Testosterone® For MenBeyond Testosterone® For Men

Doctor's Beyond Testosterone Capsules
After eight years of clinical studies and worldwide research a natural product offering Low T support by addressing low testosterone, high estrogen, unwanted aromatase (male testosterone converting into estrogen), and prostate health has finally hit the market!

3 Doctor's Libido Lift®Doctor's Libido Lift®Doctor's Libido Lift®
SO GOOD ITS PATENTED! IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE! Aids SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT and enjoyes 97% REPEAT ORDERS! Find out why this product has lasted the test of time!!
4 Doctor's Male Performance GelDoctor's Male Performance Gel

Doctor's Male Performance Gel
The Gel that started it all!! We improved the outstanding formula of
Doctor's Testosterone Gel® and changed the name to Doctor's Male Performance Gel to conform to the FDA rules. Stop running on an empty tank and fill your tank with Doctor's Male Performance Gel. For more information on this product look up the powerful ingredients listed and what they support. 

5 Doctor's Male Performance LiquidDoctor's Male Performance LiquidDoctor's Male Performance Liquid
A Safe Natural Alternative To Prescription Testosterone And Prescription Drugs With No Adverse Side Effects. 
Supports: Provides homeopathic support for balancing the male system; assisting with impotency, diminished sexual desire, performance, and vitality. Support for improved recovery after strenuous activity, maintenance of lean muscle, and with relief from joint pain/inflammation.

6 Doctors Growth Hormone Alternative Gel CreamDoctors Growth Hormone Alternative Gel CreamDoctor's Growth Hormone Alternative Gel® 4oz Jar
is available for both men and women. The Doctor's Growth Hormone Alternative Gel is not a prescription drug and does not contain man made Human Growth Hormone. 
7 Doctors Horny Goat Weed FormulaDoctors Horny Goat Weed Formula

Doctors Horny Goat Weed Formula
The formula that started it all. See why so many have tried to copy this formula. IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE! One of our most popular products aids sexual enhancement and enjoyes 97% repeat orders! It's so good IT'S PATENTED!  

8 Doctors Just for Women LiquidDoctors Just for Women LiquidDoctor's Just For Women Liquid
Provides natural testosterone support for balancing the female
 system; assisting with menstrual irregularities, PMS, menopausal symptoms, post-menopause, and diminished sexual desire. Relief from stress and anxiety, inability to sleep, lack of energy, recovery after strenuous activity or overwork, and relief from pain, lean muscle (with exercise).

9 Doctors Just For Women Support CreamDoctors Just For Women Support CreamDoctor's Just For Women Support Cream
Doctors Just for Women Support Cream may support: maintaining lean muscle mass, bone density, increasing libido and sex drive, sustain energy, stress issues, relief from pain and stiffness in muscles and joints, decreased body fat, improved sleep quality, maintaining the health and sensitivity of the vaginal tissues, PMS issues.

10 Doctors Just For Women Support Liquid AND CreamDoctors Just For Women Support Liquid AND CreamDoctor's Just For Women Liquid and Cream
Provides support for balancing the female
 system; diminsihed sexual desire, assisting with menstrual irregularities, PMS, menopausal symptoms, post-menopause. Relief from stress, anxiety, inability to sleep, lack of energy, recove
11 Doctors Male Performance Liquid AND GelDoctors Male Performance Liquid AND GelDoctors Male Perormance Liquid and Cream
Balancing of the Male System; Natural Testosterone booster, Impotency, Diminished Sexual Desire, Performance, and Vitality. Support for Improved Recovery after strenuous activity, Lean Muscle Gain (with exercise), Relief from Joint Pain/Inflammation, Better Mood, Decreased body fat.
12 Doctors Patented Fab 5 FormulaDoctors Patented Fab 5 FormulaDoctors Fab 5 Formula
US Patent Number 6340474 - Blood Vessels Support - Prosexual Enhancement - Growth Hormone Potentiating - 90% Icariin - 99% L-Dopa 
13 Doctors Sexual Performance Androgenic Hormone SupportDoctors Sexual Performance Androgenic Hormone Support

Doctor's Sexual Performance Androgenic Hormone Support
Homeopathic natural testosterone booster, support for impotency, diminished sexual desire, healthy libido, performance. A powerful remedy for strength, muscular development, lean muscle gain. Prevents lactic acid, acid buildup in muscle tissue, muscle exhaustion. Effectively acts on muscles and joints to offer relief from pain and stiffness caused by tearing, pulling, and over-lifting. Supports joint health.

14 Doctors Testosterone Alternative GelDoctors Testosterone Alternative GelDoctors Testosterone Alternative Gel
Natural Testosterone booster- Supports healthy life styles for men.... Stop running on an empty tank !
15 Schizandra - 4 oz.Schizandra - 4 oz.Schizandra 
For assistance with involuntary ejaculation, palpitations, hepatitis, urinary disorders, and to improve cognitive function.


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