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Polycystic Ovaries
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1 Female Balance 90 capsFemale Balance 90 capsFemale Balance 90 caps - Glandular SupplementsPhyto-nutraceutical complex for relieving the symptoms of menopause, dysmenorrhea and PMS, and/or for use as a women's daily nutritional supplement. PMS, Dysmenorrhea (Cramps), Genitourinary System.
2 Female Endocrine Axis Drops 2 FL. OZ.Female Endocrine Axis Drops 2 FL. OZ.Female Endocrine Axis Drops 2 FL. OZ. - Glandular Supplements - Homeopathic sarcode support for stimulating, restoring and balancing the female hormonal axis. Ingrendients May Support for the temporary relief of mild cramps, pain before menses, breast soreness, sadness, feeling tired or fatigued, mild back pain, flashes of heat, periodic nausea, nervousness, or lack of sexual desire.
3 Ovarian Complex 60 capsOvarian Complex 60 capsOvarian Complex 60 Caps - Glandular Formula 
Useful for ovarian and uterus support. May stimulate healthy menstrual cycles and support during perimenopause, low estrogen states, ovarian dysfunction, and uterine cramping. Ovarian and uterus lyophilized gland concentrate with synergistic support.


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