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Doctor's Fibromyalgia Cream

Image: Doctor's Fibromyalgia CreamDoctor Recommended...
When you’re serious about fighting Fibromyalgia pain!

Doctor's Fibromyalgia Cream is a remarkable homeopathic remedy that actually addresses the basic underlying causes of fibromyalgia pain.  Laboratory tests on Fibromyalgia patients almost always report low and reduced concentrations of the natural painkillers dopamine and norepinephrine in analyzed spinal fluid.  Numerous studies propose that disruption in the function of dopamine neurons is the central abnormality responsible for Fibromyalgia symptoms.  Research has shown that Fibromyalgia is associated with stress. 

Unlike typical counter-irritant pain creams that merely get hot or cold to distract your attention away from the pain, Doctor’s Fibromyalgia Cream is used to rapidly reduce the soreness of Fibromyalgia, sooth inflamed muscles and tissues, relax tightness, and aid in the removal of built-up metabolic toxins in the tissues.

Due to recent scientific breakthroughs in  nano technology, our powerful homeopathic remedies and rare supporting botanicals can now be delivered fast and effectively right to the source of your pain.  At long last you and your doctor have a powerful new ally in your battle against Fibromyalgia! *

• Fast relief with no side effects • Innovative transdermal absorption • Safe homeopathic and rainforest botanicals
• FDA registered indications for Fibromyalgia pain • Patents pending world-wide

Learn more about this debilitating and increasingly more common disease.

Fibromyalgia FAQ: The signs. The symptoms. The remedy.

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