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Growth HormoneĀ® hGH Gel

Image: Doctor's Growth Hormone hGH GelDoctor recommended with no unwanted side effects!

Doctor’s Growth Hormone® hGH Gel is for individuals from all walks of life wanting to accelerate healing, slow down the aging process and turn back the hands of time to reverse the signs of aging.  A great rejuvenator of cells and tissue, this homeopathic time-released product relieves dry, withered, and aged appearing skin on the face, neck and body.  With trace ionic organic silica particles suspended in purified aqua for support of the active homeopathic ingredients, Doctor’s Growth Hormone® hGH Gel relies on NANO-based transdermal technology which bypasses the digestive tract to deliver a superior level of absorption.  Doctor’s Growth Hormone® hGH Gel also encourages gradual fat loss and restful sleep.  It’s a powerful remedy for wrinkles and prematurely aged skin due to sun damage.  *

Image: Low Carb and Beyond Book"Doctor's Growth Hormone® hGH Gel helps flabby, ill-nourished, loose skin that may be evident after dieting.  It's a great rejuvenator of cells and tissue, encourages gradual fat loss and restful sleep, gives relief of dry, withered, old looking skin on the face and body, and is a powerful remedy for wrinkles and the premature aged look." - Nina Anderson S.P.N., Dr. Howard Peiper

Low Carb and Beyond, A Companion Program For Your Low-Carb Lifestyle

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