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Sarcode Test Kit
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Sarcode Test Kit

35 Vials


Active Ingredients:
Adrenal Cortex Drops (HAC)
Adrenal Drops (HAD)
Adrenal Medulla Drops (HAMD)
Cervical Drops (HCD)
Cranial Sacral Drops (HCSD)
Ear/Eye/Sinuses Drops (HEESD)
Female Endocrine Axis Drops (HFEA)
Gallbladder Drops (HGD)
Heart/Lung Drops (HHL)
Hepaticol Drops (HHD)
Hypothalamus/Adrenal/Pituitary (HHAP)
Intestine Drops (HID)
Kidney/Ovarian/Adrenal Drops (HKOA)
Kidney/Prostate/Adrenal Drops (HKPA)
Liver/Gallbladder Drops (HLGD)
Lumbar Drops (HLD)
Lymph/Spleen/Mammary Drops (HLSM)
Male Endocrine Axis Drops (HMEA)
Muscle/Ligament/Cartilage (HMLC)
Myocardial Drops (HMD)
Ovarian Drops (HOD)
Pancreas Drops (HPND)
Pancreas/Stomach Drops (HPSD)
Pineal/Pituitary/Hypothalamus Drops (HPPH)
Pituitary Drops (HPTD)
Pituitary/Pancreas/Kidney Drops (HPPK)
Pneumo Drops (HPD)
Renal Drops (HRD)
Spinal Drops (Major Nerve) (HSD)
Thoracic Drops (HT)
Thymus Drops (HTMD)
Thyro Drops (HTD)
Thyroid/Thymus/Parathyroid (HTTP)
Tonsil/Adenoid/Appendix (HTAA)
Vertebrae Drops (HVD)


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