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THE discovery of the Millenium?!

The Fountain Of Youth:  Has science finally made a BIG SPLASH?!  

On January 25, 2009, CBS NEWS cast 60 Minutes featured an in-depth report on the multiple benefits that resveratrol may confer in slowing and even reversing certain aspects of aging.  "Scientists have found a substance in red wine that is slowing down the aging process in mice.  Will it someday lengthen the lives of humans, too?" Morley Safer reports. amazing anti-aging and skin rejuvenation discovery!

Fountain Of Youth In A Wine Rx?  Researchers tell Morley Safer red wine substance resveratrol could one day lengthen lives.  "As 60 Minutes reported in January, scientists across the country have identified a substance in red wine called resveratrol that they believe might do more than just protect the heart, but could in very high concentrations significantly extend life by preventing a number of age related illnesses..."If the promise holds true, I think this has the chance to change healthcare," Dr. Christoph Westphal tells correspondent Morley Safer." 5/21/09

The French Paradox The typical French diet is considerably higher in amounts of saturated fats from animal sources than the average American diet.  Despite this fact, the French have an amazingly low death rate from coronary heart disease compared to Americans.  As consuming high levels of saturated fats from animal sources is associated with increased risks of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, this paradox has baffled doctors for over 150 years.  It is now believed that this 'paradox' is attributed to the fact that the French wash down their meals with large quantities of red wine containing resveratrol"Morley Safer found, in 1991, that the French may have lower rates of heart attacks because their diet is high in cheese and wine."  60 Minutes 11/17/91

Resveratrol is proving to be an amazingly beneficial discovery!  Clinical studies and tests are currently being conducted on a resveratrol based cure for diabetes!

Live to be 150... Can you do it?

Secrets to Living Longer with Barbara Walters  "...I also spoke with two scientists in Boston who say that in the next five years, they plan to have a drug on the market that will treat several of the major diseases of aging. This drug is based on the "good stuff" in red wine called resveratrol."  4/1/08

SECRETS TO LONGER LIFE, Dr. Oz Has the Formula by Diane Sawyer  "...first of all, we know there is a chemical called sirtuin that tells the body to live longer...but that same chemical sirtuin could be turned on with other mechanisms. And one of them is one you are going to want to hear about. A lot of folks know that red wine has been purported to be good for you. But it turns out that red wine is red because of a chemical in it called resveratrol. And so, one of the ways we think red wines benefit health is by turning on that same anti-aging chemical.   ~ Dr. Mehmet Oz, ABC, Good Morning America 3/23/09

NOW for the FIRST TIME an exciting NEW product that pushes BEYOND the benefits...  BEYOND the indications...  BEYOND the capsules...  BEYOND the industry standard...

LogoBW: Doctor's Relief Natural Products

 The World's First Beyond Resveratrol® Homeopathic Topical Cream 

formulated by Dr. Charles Mesko is now available!

Image: Beyond Resveratrol Homeopathic CreamPromising clinical studies have shown that topically applied RESVERATROL prevented skin cancer in mice.  Resveratrol in capsules did not.  These studies have demonstrated time and again that topically applied resveratrol is clinically superior to its orally administered counterpart!

Astonishingly, the label on a 4oz. jar of Doctor's Beyond Resveratrol® Transdermal Homeopathic Cream can lawfully list more specific therapeutic indications than can be ethically and legally claimed from using 1,000 bottles of dietary supplement resveratrol capsules, or from drinking 1,000 bottles of red wine!

Beyond Resveratrol® is formulated to help skin damage resulting from exposure to the sun, weather, environment, chemicals, smoking and secondhand smoke, toxins, alcohol, poor nutrition and digestive problems.

So what are you waiting for?  Order your own personal 'Fountain of Youth'  today!

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Beyond Resveratrol®Beyond Resveratrol®

All media and personalities' statements contained herein are for information purposes only and have been offered solely for review of the exciting discovery of RESVERATROL and the promising progress science is making in the field of anti-aging.  In no way is this information being offered as an endorsement, implied or direct, of Doctor's 'Beyond Resveratrol' Cream, Doctor's Relief, LLC, Fountain of Youth Technologies, Inc., or any specific product(s) by any entity, organization, or Individules referenced.  Those reviewing this information are encouraged to research publically available information on RESVERATROL independent from this site to determine what, if any, specific product(s) may prove beneficial to them.


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