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Modern Toxins & Hormone Disruption

What do bottled water, tap water, window cleaner, and milk have in common?  They could literally be poisoning you.  The culprit is chemical toxicity! Hormone disrupting chemicals are found in pesticides, insecticides, additives in processed foods, cleaning products and supplies, synthetics (including clothing) and many plastics.  Plastics commonly used in food containers, food wraps, plastic spoons and forks, and even plastic water bottles can mimic estrogen when unknowingly absorbed in the human body.  Worldwide studies of toxic plastics, or Xenoestrogens, have shown these toxins to cause female characteristics in men.  These abnormalities can include:  lowered testosterone production, increased estrogen, atrophied testicles, increased body fat, increased breast growth, higher levels of cancer, and excessive secretion of the female pituitary hormone prolactin.  Excessive prolactin production is the culprit blamed for 70% - 80% of erection failures in men.

Tests on drinking water in major cities find high levels of estrogen in the water piped into homes, places of employment, restaurants and even hospitals. Water departments in major cities do not test for estrogen nor do they have filters to remove it from the water supply.  Estrogen contained in prescription birth control and eliminated through urination is believed to be a major cause of the high levels often found in public drinking water.  Unfortunately,   toilet water flushed into sewers eventually ends up in public water supply systems.  Many dairy, beef, chicken, and turkey products are found to contain high levels of estrogen.  Hormones are also commonly administered to dairy cows to accelerate milk production and are often used to increase the body weights of beef cattle, chickens and turkeys.  Random testing has revealed higher than normal estrogen levels in chicken eggs.

Between the ages of 30 to 40, dopamine containing neurons in the human brain begin declining, considered a universal characteristic of the aging process. A shocking epidemic of dopamine neuron deficiency is now occurring in much younger men and women.  One hundred fifty million men worldwide, with a staggering 40 million American men, also suffer from chronic impotence.  Many are in their early twenties and should be in the sexual prime of their lives.  Astonishingly, they are not!  This pandemic of sexual dysfunction is currently thought to be caused by chemical toxicities. 

Dr. Charles Mesko has worked diligently to address these devastating chemical and hormonal imbalance problems.  Utilizing rare and varied botanicals, he has successfully developed several natural formulas, offered here thru Doctor's Relief, to aid the adverse effects of chemical toxins on sexual function.  Review and consider which is right for you! *

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