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Transdermal Therapies

Transdermal Homeopathic Gel & Cream
The Future of Medicine is NANO Technology

Homeopathy is very unique.  The traditional approach is to trigger the body’s own defense system, using safe dosages of proven specific homeopathic preparations, to produce highly effective healing responses in the body without causing unwanted side effects.  The world’s second most popular form of medicine, having been effectively used for over 150 years, homeopathics in the United States are legal FDA regulated products that include very precise and direct therapeutic claims.

Dr. Charles Mesko, a research scientist well known for patented herbal formulations, is the inventor of NANO-based Transdermal Homeopathic Gel.  A pioneer in NANO research (meaning extremely small or specifically, one billionth on the nanometer scale), Dr. Mesko has created and perfected the NANO Liposome Carriers formulated in gels and creams to transport microscopic dosages of proven homeopathic preparations through the skin directly to targeted tissue, without requiring injections.  

Homeopathic medicines, usually taken orally, are used to treat specific symptoms and conditions.  Even the best oral pills, capsules, tablets and liquids, rarely have more than 5% to 15% absorption.  Most oral preparations lose significant effectiveness when exposed to digestive tract saliva, stomach acids, and normal liver filtering.  Many orally consumed substances, including drugs and medicines, are actually filtered through the liver twice before being absorbed into the cells.  Transdermal Homeopathy offers a superior level of absorption never previously available.  When delivered in a transdermal gel or cream, these products bypass the digestive tract thus eliminating oral absorption issues.  NANO-based Transdermal Homeopathic Therapies focus on maximizing bioavailability both at specific places in the body and over a period of time.   It is all about targeting the specific molecules and delivering drugs with cell precision.

NANO Technology is creating a worldwide evolution in medicine.  The brightest and most talented organic chemists and biomedical researchers around the world are fiercely competing to be the first to develop, license, and patent new drug technologies based on the extraordinary bioavailability offered by NANO Technology.  Over 65 billion dollars are wasted each year on prescription drugs due to poor bioavailability.  In 2004 worldwide nano-medicine sales already reached 6.8 billion dollars, with more than 200 companies investing 3.8 billion dollars in NANO research and development.  In 2006, an estimated 130 new nanotech drugs and delivery systems were developed worldwide.  USA pharmaceutical companies, looking to capitalize on NANO Technology breakthroughs, are eagerly partnering with major universities and hospital research teams, often funded by government grants, to develop and license new technologies and to patent new drugs.  Potential worldwide drug revenues from harnessing this incredible new technology are utterly mind boggling.  Remarkably, Dr. Mesko and his privately owned research and manufacturing company have created and developed NANO Technology based Transdermal Homeopathy without government grants or other government financial research assistance. *

Doctor's offers several Transdermal Homeopathic Therapies featuring Dr. Mesko's perfected NANO Liposome Carriers!  With specific indications to meet a variety of needs, take advantage of years of research and the 'future of medicine', and order the one that's right for you today!


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