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Beyond Natural Supplements
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Doctors Relief LLC

Doctors Relief LLC


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We go to extraordinary lengths to guarantee the quality and efficacy of every product.

Evidence-Based Formulas

Our formulas are based on scientific research and the clinical experience of practitioners. Many of our products were clinically tested prior to being introduced into our line and we regularly evaluate the formulas to ensure that we are incorporating new scientific evidence while maintaining best practices that have been time-tested in clinical practice. 

Raw Materials

We source some of the highest quality raw materials throughout the world and ensure they are harvested ethically and responsibly. Raw materials are tested for both identity and purity prior to use.

Ingredient Processing

All ingredients are carefully processed in order to maximize the purity, energy and/or bioactivity of the natural constituents. 

Excipients are only added to nutritional formulas in cases where they are necessary to ensure consistent mixing and delivery of active ingredients. Moreover, these materials are carefully chosen to minimize patient sensitivity, maximize safety, and optimize bioavailability and dose consistency of active ingredients. 

Manufacturing and Testing

Our nutritional products are manufactured in an NSF-certified, GMP-compliant facility while our homeopathic remedies are all hand-succussed in a FDA-registered OTC drug facility, which is held to even higher GMP standards. We are among a very small number of natural medicine companies that have been FDA-inspected for GMP compliance under the OTC drug regulations. Every batch of finished product is tested to ensure consistency with our rigorous standards.


Each label accurately reflects the active and inactive ingredients in the product on which it is affixed. Our labels describe supplement facts based on a True Single Serving, meaning that ingredient amounts are based on one tablet, capsule, or perle - whereas many other companies list supplement facts based on 2-6 capsules. As a result, our labels have more integrity and our formulas are easier to evaluate. Gluten-free, vegetarian, organic, and hypoallergenic formulas are clearly indicated when applicable.


The real measure of quality for any natural medicine is effectiveness. That is why we gather clinical feedback from practicing customers and monitor product usage to ensure that our formulas are effective tools for the practitioners we serve. 

Our pledge with Doctor's Relief LLC is to bring the highest quality of herbal and homeopathic products at reasonable prices. We only use the best ingredients with the highest standards in producing our product line. Our testing laboratories and factories are FDA registered and controlled so our customers know we care about quality control. Beware of companies that produce products in cheaper factories that are not regulated for ingredients and don't follow FDA standards (Our products have FDA numbers, do the other companies?). Our ingredients are tested TWICE for exact amounts added to our product line. You will get what you pay for from our company.


Exceptional herbal and homeopathic products begin with the best raw materials. Accordingly, we work exclusively with raw material suppliers who operate with integrity, adhere to strict standards and offer consistency and dependability. Our high grade herbs are obtained as organic or wild crafted whenever possible and they are harvested ethically to ensure a renewable resource is retained. We also extract from the most active part of each plant to ensure the greatest yield of medicinal constituents. 


The delicate chemical constituent balance makes each plant unique. To capture this balance in an herbal medicine, one needs to extract the individual constituents based on their specific chemical characteristics. We are based upon strict processing guidelines, which combine the advantages of cold percolation and western technology while also utilizing more traditional decoction, maceration and spagyric methodologies. Our process includes: an initial process based on knowledge of what solvent temperature best extracts one constituent from another; high-energy yield maceration to optimize the full complement of constituents, leftover material analysis to ensure maximum extraction; and final end stage blending to provide a stable, lower alcohol product compared to other products that are only cold percolated. 


Traditional herbal medicine has a holistic action on the body. Herbs are often prescribed along with other herbs, homeopathic medicines, or nutritionals for an overall synergistic effect. Herbal medicine is becoming westernized to the point where herbs are regarded for the specific system or organ they affect; however, herbal medicine is intended as both a systemic functional medicine and as an energetic balancing medicine. 

Exceptional Homeopathics

Doctors Relief is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality homeopathic remedies that support your health. In keeping with that commitment, our homeopathic remedies are produced using traditional hand-succussion in our FDA registered laboratory.

Our exceptional quality results from a team approach that incorporates careful attention to every detail, redundant quality checks, a thorough and precise paper trail, and stringent procedures that ensure the accuracy, potency, and safety of each formulation. All our homeopathics are prepared in a clean room environment and undergo microbiological testing to rule out contamination. Every mother tincture is cold percolated for at least 14 days and is agar-plate cultured in an incubator for 48 hours before approval for the next stage of manufacturing or quality control. We use the purest pH-balanced water controlled by a 5-stage reverse osmosis water filter, a UV light bacterial eliminator, water softening, and micro-water pH regulation. Hypoallergenic Kosher-certified and Organic alcohol (20%, except as other wise noted) is used as our base to guarantee purity. 

Since the eighteenth century, homeopathy has been used to stimulate the body to engage its own healing mechanisms in pursuit of restoring homeostasis. While allopathic medicine treats disease by the suppression and regulation of symptoms or by attempting to destroy the microbes associated with a condition, homeopathic medicines are instead designed to assist and direct the body toward achieving its own natural balance. Homeopathic remedies are diluted (potentized) and our products are manufactured under strict and specific guidelines that we follow with the FDA. The most common potencies are decimal (X) and centesimal (C).  


Doctor's Relief products reflect the best combination of our time honored patented formulas, current clinical practices and recent research. We have combined the most bioabaiable ingredients into our formulas that are specifically designed for assimilation at various intestinal sites. Delivery of these supplements is dependent on the mineral type and amounts desired; capsules, liquids, tablets, and lozenges are all employed where appropriate to maximize effectiveness. 

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