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About Us

Doctor's Relief, LLC is dedicated to offering a wide variety of dietary supplements and homeopathic products for improving your quality of life.  Highly-skilled scientists and natural product clinical researchers who possess an amazing wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight in the fields of Natural Alternative Medicine have made exciting progress.  Today, large numbers of people are living healthier and more productive lives thanks to the dedication of natural product researchers including Dr. James F. Balch, and Phyllis A. Balch CNC.  Also part of this renowned group is U.S. patent holder Dr. Charles A. Mesko N.D., founder, product creator, and formulator of both Doctor's Relief, LLC and the new Doctor's BEYOND brand product line, as well as the original Fountain of Youth Technologies, Inc.  Internationally recognized as the creator and developer of potent and amazingly effective dietary supplements and homeopathic products developed to support the body's natural ability to balance itself, Dr. Mesko's patented herbal formulas and homeopathic products have been featured on television, radio, and in industry-leading publications. If you are in the health food or nutrition industry, have ever owned a health food store, worked in one, or even shopped at one, you may already be familiar with the highly effective and widely acclaimed products by Fountain of Youth Technologies, Inc.  Previously, our newest line of products, Doctor's BEYOND brand, have only been available through Doctors' offices and clinics.  But now, in an effort to serve the public at-large, Dr. Mesko is expanding the marketing and distribution of his formulas directly to the consumer through our online presence here at this newest website, and other select retailers.

The Doctor's product line was created to offer a higher expectation of quality of life to everyone, regardless of age or gender.  Several products are intended to support men's health, women's issues and the very unique needs of active teens and young adults.  Physicians across North America wisely and safely prescribe our Doctor's products to their patients and consistently recommend them to clients, family members, friends and colleagues.  Many have expressed their belief that our products are the absolute best available alternatives to prescription drugs to support many health concerns.

Homeopathic doctors, practitioners and consumers from around the world, including large numbers residing in the United States, have reported excellent to amazing results for well over a century from the use of homeopathic medicines.  Ongoing worldwide research shows promising findings on the expanded use of homeopathic medicines to stimulate the body to heal itself for a wide variety of self-limiting conditions.  ADD/ADHD, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, diminished sexual desire, impotence, hormonal imbalance, erectile dysfunction, sleep disorders,  arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, inflammation, bone/joint disorders, female problems, night sweats, PMS, menopause, perimenopause, excessive menstrual bleeding,  vaginal dryness, lack of interest in sex, skin repair and rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, age spot reduction, restoration of natural skin moisturizers, anti-aging, cell/tissue rejuvenation, weight loss/gain, male enhancement, body building, and loss of strength are just a small sampling of the world wide uses of homeopathic medicines.  However, some of these indications for use may not be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for over-the counter use in the United States. *

Doctor's Relief, LLC. will continually strive to offer the finest products to you, our loyal customers, and those new to the Doctor's brand.  Dr. Mesko remains dedicated to advancing the length and quality of all our lives and will continue to develop and make available to the medical profession and public at large, herbal discoveries, and homeopathic products created with the most advanced technology available, containing ingredients which are second to none. Please feel free to Contact Us for any reason.  We are here to help you be an advocate for your own good health and personal well-being.  Thank you for your business.

We wish you to Live Healthy and Be Well!


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